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That’s it. I’ve found it. After all these years, it has been right before of my eyes. I googled it to check if it had already been discovered, but I couldn’t find any reference to this. I’ll explain.

First of all, do you know Eternam?


I played this game a long, long time ago until recently. I didn’t even remember the story. It was published in 1992, two years after Monkey Island. The story is about Don Jonz, an officer who is on vacation in a planet called Eternam. The planet is just an amusement park about different historical periods: Middle Age, Ancient Egypt, the future… When he arrives on the planet, he learns that the planet has been taken over.

The planet can be seen from space at the beginning, but after beating the first island you can see the map. Something caught my eye then, but I thought it was just in my mind. You can see the islands after beating the game as well, zoomed in. I took some screenshots, take a look.


See anything in particular? Let’s take a closer look.


Does it ring a bell now? No? Let me refresh your memory. I took this from the Internet; it’s the map of Monkey Island.

Monkey Island Map


Yes, that left peninsula!


Let there be no doubt about it:


What is Monkey Island doing there? Did it explode and Monkey Island became Eternam? Well, if that’s not the secret of Monkey Island!

I wonder if Ron Gilbert knows anything about this…

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